About Us.

Who we are & how we help

We believe that having a solid strategy based on extensive research, clear communication and constant feedback is fundamental to achieve success.


Smartners delivers the right strategy for your business by listening to your needs and vision and then developing a solid plan that covers a broad selection of solutions, such as Website Design, Graphic Design and Marketing, Business. Our goal is help you and your business grow and achieve great results by generating more income and putting your brand on the radar of the people that matter the most to your business.

Our Team.

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Yunisbel Pazos

CEO & Business Consultant

Jezebel Pazos

Operations Manager
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Alejandro Ruiz.

Operations Manager
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Our Promise.

To our clients

The first step to working with Smartners is understanding we are here to help!

Our company is not based on high commission or hidden fees, but instead on the concept that Smartners will be a trusted partner and will always have your business’ best interest in mind. This is why we promise to always provide our clients quick, detailed, professional + honest, solutions and advice.


By establishing this trust, the Smartners Team and our client’s company will create a long term relationship helping both companies benefit and continue

to grow.


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