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About Us.

Who we are & how we help

We believe that having a solid strategy based on extensive research, clear communication and constant feedback is fundamental to achieve success.


Smartners delivers the right strategy for your business by listening to your needs and vision and then developing a solid plan that covers a broad selection of solutions related to Website Design, Graphic Design and Marketing. Our goal is to help you and your business grow and achieve great results by generating more income and putting your brand on the radar of the people that matter the most to your business.

Meet Our Leaders.

We are a group of professionals whose purpose is to help you and your business grow by working together on our independent areas and focusing on your needs to create and develop the best strategy possible to meet your goals.

Busy Office
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I'm Yunisbel Pazos . 


Ceo & Business Consultant

I'm Jenifer Riccio . 


Virtual Assistant

I'm Alejandro Ruiz . 


Operations Manager

I'm Daniel Riccio . 


Development leader

I'm Johana López . 


Web Design Leader


I'm Marisol Restrepo . 


Graphic Designer Leader



I'm Yuliana Mora . 


Business Specialist

I'm María José Guevara . 


Business specialist

I'm Tatiana Herrera . 


Project Manager 

I'm Sebastian Montoya . 


Marketing Leader



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Our Promise.

To our clients

The first step to working with Smartners is understanding we are here to help!

Our company is not based on high commission or hidden fees, but instead on the concept that Smartners will be a trusted partner and will always have your business’ best interest in mind. This is why we promise to always provide our clients quick, detailed, professional + honest, solutions and advice.


By establishing this trust, the Smartners Team and our client’s company will create a long term relationship helping both companies benefit and continue

to grow.



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Our clients say.

''As a technologically ignorant Caveman, I needed a ton of help establishing my new training website. The genius' at Smartners came through for me big time! They far exceeded my expectations and delivered a beautiful website and the rate they charged was more than reasonable. I've received dozens of compliments thus far! I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to develop or expand their business by adding or improving their websites.''

Paul Maria.

'' I needed to redo my old, outdated web site, I founded this company in Wix and they were the first to respond and I am so glad of it!They are very professional, they listen to your needs and adapt to your comments keeping a very professional final result. I highly recomendable Smartners Design company to anyone needed to have an outstanding presence in today’s technology. This is my new web site, Thanks Smartners! ''

Yolanda Peña.

''Me han dado muy buen servicio y han trabajado en los tiempos que me dijeron. Y la calidad del trabajo es muy buena''

Ricardo Lizano.

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