Buyer persona

You might not know this term, but believe me, it will become essential in your marketing strategy.

A "buyer person" is the fictitious classification of your ideal client, it is based on real data about the behavior and demographic characteristics of your clients, as well as a creation of your stories, motivations, goals, challenges and concerns.

Knowing your ideal client will allow you to generate a clearer strategy and with better results.

Steps to create your Buyer persona

1: Name your Buyer persona: -It will help with a better identification. (ie. Men (30-40 yrs old ) who live in Miami, Florida.)

Determine your Buyer persona work and family situation: •Are they currently employed, unemployed or still going to school? •If they work, what type of activity do they do? •How much do they earn monthly and annually? •How much experience do they have? Do they have children and of what ages? Are they married, separated, single? Do they have elderly parents? Define your demographics •Age •Sex •Social class •Geographic location •Behavior on the internet How do they behave on the Internet? Are they regular blog readers? Do they prefer multimedia content? Do they usually use email? Do they prefer more direct actions such as phone calls? What social networks, groups or communities do they belong to? Define goals, challenges and dreams -What is the buyer persona looking for? -What goals do they intend to achieve? -What challenges do they have to face? What dreams have they not been able to fulfill yet? -Can the company's products or services make your life easier? -Can they help him fulfill an illusion?

Go from questions to action How can the brand or company help the client achieve their goals? -What blockers can the potential client have when buying your product or service? -What can the competition offer to make the client choose their product or service instead of yours? -Which of the products you offer is the one that best suits the buyer person? -Can you create or adapt a product or service to the needs of the client?

Put themselves in the customer's position -Study your fears: My e-commerce is not well positioned

Define the expectations of the buyer persona product

Devise a message: that is, a phrase that defines the product focused on the ideal customer.

Create an elevator pitch: a short description that briefly and concisely determines what the product or service brings to the buyer person.


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