Is PPC right for your business? Discover 5 benefits of implementing a PPC on your marketing strategy

You have heard all about Paid Search Marketing (Or Pay Per Click Marketing) before: Pretty much every business online is doing it and they’re reaping great benefits from it. Does this mean you should do it too? Here are 5 reasons why any small/medium business should consider investing in pay-per-click advertising as part of their digital marketing strategy.

First of all, what exactly is PPC?

PPC (Also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM) it’s a type of digital advertising strategy that drives traffic to a website by paid ads or sponsored advertising on search engines, like Google or Bing. Businesses bid on keywords that are related to their products or services in order to rank higher in search results but are only charged when a user clicks on the ad and is redirected to the website.

Now that you know what PPC marketing is, learn more about these 5 benefits PPC campaigns can bring to your business:

1. Brand Awareness

Most small/medium businesses have as a top priority to increase their brand awareness. The first step to achieving this is having a great website or landing page. When that’s covered, having a PPC strategy can show your ads to users looking for your products/services. With a small investment, a well-thought ad targeted to the right keywords can boost your website traffic tremendously, making your business more recognizable.

2. PPC brings results faster than SEO

SEO is a must on every digital marketing strategy. But improving your website’s ranking on search engines organically can take a lot of time. With a PPC campaign, you can position your website with the right target keywords in just a matter of days.

3. Target the audience that matters

Due to its targeted nature, paid ads are only clicked by people who have a specific interest in what you sell/do. That means that every click is a potential customer.

4.Pay only when someone clicks on your ad

As the name suggests, PPC marketing is budget-friendly: If your ad is shown to hundreds of people but it’s not clicked, you still won’t have to pay a dime. You are not charged just for appearing in search results.

The ultimate goal of PPC campaign is getting clicks, but appearing on searches even if your ad is not being clicked on can improve brand awareness too.

5. Reach potential customers in your area easily

PPC is your ally when it comes to local searches. Thanks to deep targeting options on Google Adwords, people in your area can see and click on your and get instructions on how to reach your store or office: Much better than flyers!

In conclusion…

Don’t sleep on PPC marketing! If you're looking to get more people to know about your business, or you want to get an increase in sales, investing in paid search ads can help you be more visible, and attract qualified leads, clicks, and sales.

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