Virtual Executive Assistant.

Part-Time / Full Time, Fully Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Virtual Assistant.


Example Responsibilities.

You will have an excellent professional who can assist you with managing your business from handling simple correspondence to generating leads. Having a virtual assistant can even help you save up to 78% on operating costs per year.

COMUNICATION Communicating with the customers via email, phone, text, chat, or video calls.

APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING Appointment Scheduling + Follow up

WRITING Writing Proposals

ACCOUNT Account management is a post-sales role that focuses on nurturing client relationships.

LEAD GENERATION Part of the marketing strategy to generate sales and product leads

CALENDAR Calendar Management

BILLING Billing management

ACTIVITY TRACKING Recorded Phone Calls, Activity Tracking, Monthly reports (as required).

An additional Employee Benefits

- Office space, seating, table, work computer, local virtual phone.

- Amicable office atmosphere.

- Full management, supervision, and training.

- Full employee health benefits.

- Paid Holidays.

- Paid Vacations.


Monthly fees.