• Deter theft and tampering 
  • Easy-to-apply with just water
  • Add logo to promote your brand
  • For packages up to 30 lbs.


Gummed paper tape has a water-based chemical adhesive that instantly attaches when applied on a carton. The tape uses capillary action to adhere to the box’s material. It results in a permanent bond that prevents theft due to obvious tampering once removed or cut from the box.


Tape Width: 2.75"

Material:White Reinforced Paper Tape


Secure packages and envelopes with custom packaging tape.

Print custom packaging tape that protects your product from theft and tampering. Each roll is made of white reinforced paper tape that cannot be easily removed without leaving any damage. This water-activated adhesive instantly attaches to the carton upon application.

Your item’s safe arrival also comes with an impressive branding opportunity. Design each roll with your logo so customers easily recognize your brand upon receipt. Your logo is printed in a repetitive pattern throughout the tape length to amplify brand recognition and association when your customer opens the package.

Running a business often involves shipping out packages to customers. Send envelopes, boxes, and other important items with peace of mind by using custom printed packaging tape.

Printed packaging tapes contain a water-based adhesive that adds a layer of security to parcels. Also called gummed tape, it is tamper-evident, making it easy for you and your customers to see if the package was opened during transit. 

Deter Tampering With Custom Printed Tape

With a single strip of logo packing tape, you can secure boxes and envelopes in minutes. 

The fiberglass reinforcement allows you to seal packages up to 30 lbs. Once the tape is in place, it will be impossible to remove without leaving a trace of tampering.

Your logo or branded design pops up against a white background. Customize how often your logo repeats within the measured space across the tape:

  • 12” can fit your company’s name, especially if it will be printed in legible typography.
  •  6” repeats your logo twice for this length.
  • 4” repeats your logo thrice.
  • 3” repeats the logo four times in this length.
  • 2” will repeat the logo six times.

After selecting your logo’s recurrence, choose the best orientation for your logo. Print it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, or any angle that best suits your logo.

How to Use Custom Packaging Tape

Personalized packing tapes are easy to apply and require only water to activate the adhesive. Apply water with a wet sponge to the non-printed side, so the paper can bond to the carton or envelope. Alternatively, you can use a tape machine or dispenser to apply the tape to high-volume packages.

For low volume applications, moisten the tape with a wet sponge before sealing it on the box.

High volume applications for several boxes shipped at a time can use a tape dispenser.

Custom Packaging Tape


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