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Dedicated Virtual Staff.

The solution your business needs!



Let us know what type of personnel your are looking for and what task need to be completed.


We will interview and pick the best finalists to be interviewed by the business representative.


The business representative will then interview the final candidates in order to make a decision on the best fit.


Once approved, the candidate will be hired, receive supplies and put through initial training.

How It Works.


Some Areas Where We Can Help.

   **Tasks can include, but are not limited to:


  • Manage subscriptions.

  • Charge customers.

  • Generate reports.

  • Send Invoices.


  • Keep clients/patients updated.

  • Send/Reply emails. 

  • Follow up calls.

  • Answer calls and messages. 

Lead Generation.

  • Send contracts.

  • Follow up with leads.

  • Explain services in detail.

  • Reply to social media messages and follow up.

Calendar Management.

  • ​​​Appointment scheduling and management.

  • Confirm appointments with client.

  • Follow up and update attendees.

  • Daily schedule reminders.


  • Writing Proposals.

  • Writing Emails.

  • Writing Letters.

  • Writing correspondence.

Account Management.

  • Update internal status of clients.

  • Reply to clients messages.

  • Help/train clients.

  • Update billing.

Because every business' needs are different, we always like to schedule a short call with our clients to understand their needs; this way we can create a strategy and a specific list of tasks + processes which will help your business grow.


Included Benefits.

our virtual staff are located in-house at our office allowing us to fully train, manage and supervise them. 

Office space with workstation, work computer, local virtual phone, webcam.

Amicable office atmosphere

In office amenities (coffee, tea, water, snacks, etc)

Full management, supervision, and training

Full employee health benefits

Paid Holidays

Paid Vacations